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1 aiudaaaaadddd no me acuerdo de esto nnnnffff Show Edit
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3 UbJeUWdHCDZEJPNf I'm training to be an engineer rakade fittor It was only last Friday that A-Rod warned the media to expect a “bumpy road” filled with controversy and name-calling — a warning, as it turned out, that he was about to turn loose lawyer Joseph Tacopina on the Yankees. Show Edit
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5 lSFGhGOMIrgwtGvot I'd like to order some foreign currency loilta nude underage Our founding fathers gave us a federal government intended to serve “we, the people”. NOT the other way around. The sad truth is that until WE define the government we can and will pay for, there is NO LIMIT to the revenue our government will seek in a futile attempt to provide ALL Americans a perfect existence at this point in history. Show Edit

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