Laravel Multi Language Translation


You can not edit key name and not delete for this demo but you can do it in example.

Key en(English) fr(Franch) it(Italy) Action
website.tutorial.ajax Eoghán Eoghán ffgjgfghjfgh
website.tutorial.ang You cannot see the sun, but just can see the sunlight,sds yo sdfds f gujarati0 xfsdf sdf f
website.tutorial.codeigniter How are you? How are you? How are you?
website.tutorial.html gkjghkgk jean nnhellon
website.tutorial.jquery cxvxcvggfgjjgdd 12v dwaaaaaaa test00
website.tutorial.laravel Allah is the greatest God comerrwrsh mmmmm
website.tutorial.laravel56 Isa(Jesus) messenger of Allah gnjhgn ihossg
website.tutorial.php God not EAT, People can Eat, People is not God.n super kjn Onek
website.tutorial.vuejs good morning Neeraj77 omarnn

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