Laravel Multi Language Translation


You can not edit key name and not delete for this demo but you can do it in example.

Key en(English) fr(Franch) it(Italy) Action
website.tutorial.ajax namejhjn hellonhello how are you dddddd hello dddsddd
website.tutorial.ang hello test Come fai?n
website.tutorial.codeigniter how are you??? how are you??? 123 dsfsdfsdfn111
website.tutorial.html hello hey بfgfdgfdgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa df
website.tutorial.jquery testtest test2 vin
website.tutorial.laravel flexible252152 hiii222 n5585
website.tutorial.laravel56 my name is rahul hello hey nnn
website.tutorial.php php Hello How Are You test testnhjhj sdfads
website.tutorial.vuejs data hellon hellon world 2323

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