Laravel Multi Language Translation


You can not edit key name and not delete for this demo but you can do it in example.

Key en(English) fr(Franch) it(Italy) Action
website.tutorial.ajax TEST ffffsdaasdsd books11
website.tutorial.ang website saaaaaaaaaa websiteytyy 444n
website.tutorial.codeigniter how are you? ???? nnnn hi italyok
website.tutorial.html feliz hilery n dfkkkkkj55
website.tutorial.jquery hi cvbxcbvgfh baba
website.tutorial.laravel indiavrevtvetverte hiii222sadsd n5585
website.tutorial.laravel56 my name is tester gujarati nnntt asdffkkkn
website.tutorial.php hello salam reda je suis la pour vous et ton situation on est lam qwss sdavrtvertvetrertver
website.tutorial.vuejs fgfbhghn kk mnbmnbmn

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