Laravel Multi Language Translation


You can not edit key name and not delete for this demo but you can do it in example.

Key en(English) fr(Franch) it(Italy) Action
website.tutorial.ajax Lots of languagen rtrfgtf منمن
website.tutorial.ang welcome welcome welcome
website.tutorial.codeigniter koko220efwefwef afsaegsefgaef 6nsaadadsadsa
website.tutorial.html r 54246346 Ahmedgnbmf
website.tutorial.jquery dogddddssadasda jljkl n,25منمن
website.tutorial.laravel dfgrethertg You uuu rahulsen
website.tutorial.laravel56 website.tutorial.laravel56 website.tutorial.laravel56 tutoriale Laravel5.6
website.tutorial.php Laravel Multi Language Translation bbbcc rtrtrtrt Hhhhhhawfawfafasfafh
website.tutorial.vuejs new yearn Didacticiel tutorialn

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